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From: dante umbero
Subject: Famous Stranger-2This is a story of Gay fiction. If you are offended by such, you are
beneath the age of consent or it is illegal to view this sort of thing in
your area, then GO AWAY...otherwise read on and enjoy.This work has a poor man's copyright, please don't top kds bbs lolitas
post this to other
sites without the authors permission.Thanks for the emails, they help keep me motivated.Dante--Famous Stranger-2I was an emotional wreck. The anticipation had been building so much that
my employees at the gallery had noticed and asked if I was alright. I'd
been in San Diego for three days getting ready for the opening. We had
moved things around in the gallery to accommodate the party and with
lighting alterations for the new works. As usual there were business
reports to get through and financial decisions to make with my manager,
but through all of that, in the back of my mind was the image of a tall
lithe red head with a brilliant smile and a tight ass that I wanted
desperately.I arrived at the terminal an hour early and realized I needed to calm
down. I lectured myself about wasting my time with this guy, he wasn't
even close to my type and I was not attracted to him, all the time hard
with anticipation. I saw him walking toward me, with long lanky strides.
His auburn hair glowed under the fluorescent lights and his silk shirt
and tight jeans flaunted his slim elegance. He approached and then I was
engulfed in his embrace, more than friendly less than passionate."Garritt, it's good to see you again." He said with his lips near my
ear. I immediately felt my crotch tighten."It's good to see you again too. Did you have a good flight?" I asked
and smiled into the beaming blue eyes.We collected his many bags, I didn't own enough clothes to fill that
many bags, and made our way out to the car I'd rented. I told him I had
made a reservation for him in the same hotel I was staying in and he had
time to settle in before we needed to leave for the gallery."A room of my own?" he said, "I really had...I mean...I thought...Oh
hell." He finished lamely.I reached over and took his hand, "Steven, I'm flattered, but let's
take it slow, ok? I want to get to know you, and if something more
happens, well that will be wonderful."He blushed and smiled, "Ok Garritt, I'd like that also."We met back up in the hotel bar later and sat at a table near the windows
overlooking the marina. He ordered some kind of martini and I drank a
diet Pepsi, as I was driving.We laughed and talked and I found myself enjoying his irreverent remarks.
We walked around the marina after our drinks and laughed some more. The
entire time I was painfully aware of the way his jeans cupped his ass and
the elegance of his fluid movements. "Damn," I thought.We returned to our rooms and as we were parting in the hallway I touched
his cheek and lost my self in the blue of his eyes and the desire I
thought I saw there, "I've enjoyed our afternoon together, Steven. I
want tonight to be as much fun." I said quietly.He smiled and took my hand with his and then his lips were on mine, they
were soft yet firm. Surprisingly masculine and his fragrance surrounded
me and I moaned softly and then pulled back. We were in a public hallway
after all. "Damn," he said and then laughed, "I really enjoyed that
more Garritt." I stood and stared at the door he had just closed lost in
the taste on my lips.We arrived at the gallery about an hour before the opening. Steven was
dressed in a black Nehru Jacket and pants with an ultramarine blue silk
shirt that complemented his eyes. I was wearing my usual dark
conservative suit and jewel tone tie. He entertained himself with looking
at the works while I made final preparations with the staff and the
caterers. He approached me as I turned from the head waiter, "Garritt
the gallery is great. You have some lovely work here." He said free holiday lolita pics and
touched my hand.I took his hand and said, "Thanks, Steven. Doing OK? I don't mean to
abandon you.""I'm fine, go be Mr. Gallery Owner, I can take care of myself for
awhile." He said and smiled.The evening rapidly progressed into a busy time for me, mingling with the
clients, talking to potential collectors about the works. Every few
minutes I would scan the gallery crowd and pick out Steven, he was
obviously at home in a social environment. I was standing talking to a
rather elderly lady about a work and our eyes met across the crowd, His
dimples appeared then his neon smile and I found myself smiling back and
thrilling with anticipation. I picked up a glass of champagne from a
passing waiter and looked across the crowd and again our eyes met. I
raised my glass in his direction and he returned my toast with his
martini glass. Latter I found him deep in conversation with my manager
before the Bougereau that I had hanging in the gallery as its signature
piece. I stood and watched them, Maggie looking up into Steven's
downturned face. The light above the painting had turned his hair into
copper and the dark suit melted into the background of the painting. They
made a wonderful composition in themselves.They parted and Steven turned toward me, I watched the eyes light up and
the dimples start and I knew that I wanted him more than anyone I'd ever
met. His expression changed and I knew he could tell what I was thinking.
I saw my desire mirrored in his eyes and the slight down turn of his
lips. I walked to him and touched his cheek again with my finger. He
turned his head and his lips touched my finger, and then he touched it
with the tip of his tongue, I'd never experienced a more erotic moment.
"Are you ready to go?" I asked breathless at the feelings that were
surging through me."Yeah, I'm ready." He said and smiled. In the parking lot, on the way
to the car, I was rattling about restaurant choices when he took my hand
and stopped me, "Garritt, I don't want dinner...I" He said
and sighed.I pulled him toward me with the hand I held and putting my other hand
behind his neck I kissed him, slowly and tenderly at first, but my
passion was getting the best of me. My dick was pressed painfully into
him and I knew he could feel it. The night traffic on the busy street
purred past, a jet roared overhead, but for me in that instant time
stopped and I experienced an emotion that I'd never known before. It was
wrapped in a physical desire as strong as any I'd every felt but it went
deeper. I knew the sex was preteen lolita free pic going to be wonderful but I anticipated
holding him afterward too; a thoroughly new emotion for me.At the hotel I let him into my room, and when the door closed I wrapped
him up in my arms and took his lips with mine, lolita school girl anya I let my tongue graze his
lips and then he opened up to me and our tongues met and wrestled. I let
my hands roam over his body, his chest and back firm but not bulky, and
the ass that I'd been dreaming about was firm and tight. I moaned as I
squeezed a melon shaped cheek and pressed my crotch tighter into his.Clothed he had turned me on, naked he was divine. His firm chest covered
in hair the color of tarnished copper and his 6 inches of hard dick
wrapped in slightly redder hair. He was soft yet firm at the same time.
More twink than stud but alluring in a way no one loli xxx preteen lolita else had ever been for
me. He took me into his mouth after licking his way down my hairy chest,
nonplussed japan under loli tgp by my 7 inches and thick girth. He worshipped my rod and then
I rolled him onto his knees and plowed his tight ass that had consumed my
thoughts since we'd met. As I got close to my climax he raised up on his
knees and sat backwards helping impale himself as deep as he could on my
manhood. I at first caressed his cock then clasping it tightly jacked him
as I pounded into my orgasm and shot a large hot load of cum into the
condom. His cock shot a large load onto the sheets of the bed and we
collapsed into it and cuddled tenderly against each other."Garritt, that was great." Steven murmured into the hair on my chest."You were great, Steven..."I whispered into the dark room. God, pre loli 11 years I
thought I was in love.
(Sorry this took so long to complete and it probably isn't my
best....things happen guys. I'll try to write more but not anytime soon.
Thanks for all the support.)
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